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Handmade bedspreads, shams, upholstery fabric made with 100% merino wool and a handicraft method made in Teotitlan del Valle Oaxaca, Mexico.
Precio: USD $140.00
Lugar: Albuquerque
Dia del aviso: 6/21/15 4:03 PM

Teotitlan the valley and the value of the fine crafts of the Zapotec indigenous people who live in this beautiful place and it is now an endangered people, continue to produce some of the finest handmade fabrics in the world and are repositories of wisdom old where they can provide solutions to modern problems in the world.

 This can only happen while handicrafts become valued consumers first world and creating a mutually beneficial working relationship with the people of Teotitlan del Valle goods and people, we hope to keep their land, freedom, the many gifts they can bring to those outside of their worlds to escape.

For this reason we have developed a fine and of the highest quality in the market line, to make bedspreads, cushions, footboards, upholstery fabric and all made with 100% clean merino wool, they are also surprisingly soft to the touch but tough enough to last life innovating textiles already known in our country.

With unique and exclusive designs, we have found a large audience among collectors, designers and consumers around the world and are proud to support trade with artisans to share their story and offer these fine rugs for your home or business

With great strength and depth in their colors make our products with a traditional process completely as dyeing colors at high temperatures and stainless steel tanks and washing and drying, spinning and finally passing the process of weaving wood

Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoy it and have a great day.





tel.- 0052-951-51-7-72-80.



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